Hi we are Noodle Soup!


Hi! Noodle Soup was set up in 2018 by Lucy Tanner. I am an illustrator and mother with an aim to provide workshops and products to young children and their families.


I am passionate about kids getting creative, being inspired by their surroundings, the process of creating as an individual or as part of a group and being aware of the materials they are using.


My workshops are aimed at children aged 3-10 and are designed to be fun, simple and accessible to all ages and abilities. I offer a range of child led and adult led activities. All activities and projects that I run are completely tailored to a theme and can be intertwined with specific educational topics. They are designed for children to practice developing their fine motor skills, pincer grips, concentration, independent choice, following instructions, numeracy, communication skills and lots more without even knowing it! 


It is very important to me that we are all conscious of the materials we use and the environmental impact of craft products. You will not see glitter anywhere near the table! I try wherever possible to use biodegradable items or recyclable items which are often sourced from friends and local businesses or schools. Any single use items such as glue sticks and pens are passed on to Terracycle not just flung in a black bag and I keep lots of scraps for future workshops. BUT we can always do better so please if you have any suggestions let me know!


If this sounds like something you may be interested in please take a look at my website and you can email directly with any queries you may have. I am based in Norwich but happy to travel and am always on the lookout for events and spaces to host our workshops at.

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